Privacy Policy Information

Privacy has become a hot topic with the increase in data that is collected and stored by businesses. Protecting privacy is important and new laws are popping up to regulate privacy. As a site or app owner that collects personal information, you must do your part by providing a detailed privacy policy that is easy […]

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CEO Law Case Studies

Through the lens of companies that have used CEO Law as a solution to their legal challenges, discover how ALSPs are an attractive alternative to traditional law firms. Gain insight into the challenges with traditional law and solutions that CEO Law provides. View our CEO Law case studies that are relevant to you based on […]

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Contractor Agreements

Contractor agreements are known by many alternate names, such as Independent Contractor Agreement, Subcontractor Agreement, Consulting Agreement, Freelance Contract, General Contractor Agreement, Consulting Services Agreement or Master Service Agreement. What is an independent contractor? An in dependent contractor, also known as a gig worker, a consultant or freelancer, is an individual that is typically self-employed […]

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