Why Incorporate Your Business?

Incorporate your business? Yes! Learn why. Higher than ever costs of living have led many Canadians to consider creative ways to keep up with inflation and maintain financial security. In turn, the pandemic has brought upon us a new wave of entrepreneurship as more Canadians than ever before look to take advantage of both more […]

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The Cost of Traditional Law

Traditional law is broken. CEO Law’s innovations and affordable rates are helping clients save money and time. The numbers tell the story! When you look at the breakdown of fees, you can see where things are going wrong with tradition law. Eliminating the overhead, using technology and a model that allows lawyers to make money […]

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Franchise Disclosure Document

A franchise disclosure document is a written document, designed to provide franchisees with key insights and information that is needed in order to make an informed decision about investing in a franchise opportunity. A typical franchise disclosure document includes: Background on the key executives, such as its directors and officers, and anyone that one would […]

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