COVID-19: Options for Employers

Employers across Canada are having to cope with one of the greatest, and most uncertain, crises of our time. The COVID-19 pandemic has required businesses to rapidly adapt to new challenges that were unthinkable even a few short weeks ago. What can businesses experiencing work shortages do to ensure they maintain their workforce and come […]

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Remote Control

Why Limiting Remote Work Doesn’t Mean More Control for Employers Why is the concept of remote work such a polarizing subject?  Some companies swear by its benefits while others maintain strict policies to ensure their employees are in the office during the core hours of every workday.  Here are some of the obvious reasons it […]

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How-To Guide for Legal Departments

3 Ways In-House Legal Departments Can Benefit from a Shifting Landscape Increasingly technology and alternative low-overhead, high efficiency business models are exposing traditional approaches to business that not so long ago were expected to stand the test of time.  Times are changing and the legal industry is no exception. Alternative Legal Service Providers (ALSPs) have […]

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