High Volume Contract Review

Contract review, especially high volume is time consuming. CEO Law and Cobalt Ai are happy to announce a partnership to bring tech-assisted high volume contract review to the North American market. 

Using our patent-pending contract review and management solution, we deliver outcomes that are better, faster, and less expensive than traditional solutions, allowing customers to spend more time on strategic, high-value work. 

We create an ever-evolving playbook of rules to ensure consistent negotiation of contracts and ensure that institutional knowledge is preserved, making it a better solution.  It is faster because our technology allows all the elements of document review – like precedents, comments, and rules – to be instantly available and supports a more efficient review workflow.  Finally, it is less expensive because our team utilizes the right resource for the right task, delivering faster turnaround and minimizing billings.

Unlike software solutions that clients are required to manage themselves, our lawyers are trained to use our technology so that clients get the benefits of technology without the hassle. To date, we’ve processed over 3,000 legal matters for clients using this efficiency-enhancing technology and are excited to introduce it to the market on a bigger scale. 

The joint contract review solution is now available to both Corporate Legal Departments and high-growth companies without a dedicated in-house legal team. 

Offloading contract work to focus on other high value work is a smart strategic decision, especially when you can do so without breaking the budget. This technology will also produce more accurate work than a human typically does. Increase client satisfaction with your efficiency and better turn-around times, while maintaining or improving the quality level of the service. There are multiple benefits to CEO Law and Cobalt AI’s high volume contract review services. Contact us today to learn more.

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