Incorporate A Business

Want to incorporate a business in Canada? We’ve got an overview here for you and we offer affordable services to get this done for you. What Is A Canadian Corporation? A corporation is a separate legal entity. Each corporation has its own CRA business number (equivalent to a Social Insurance Number for businesses), pays its […]

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Holiday Message from CEO Law

As we head into the holidays, Covid case numbers are increasing, people are scrambling to make appointments for a booster shot, and there is a lot of concern about what the coming weeks will hold. Holiday plans may be changing for some. It’s not where any of us want to be, after the low case […]

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Protect Your Intellectual Property

Protect your intellectual property (IP) – especially if your livelihood is tied to it. In Canada, there are four federal statues that govern intellectual property. Canadian Intellectual Property Office of Industry Canada administers them. Let’s break them all down: Patent Act   A patent works off a “first to file” system. The first applicant to […]

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Employment Agreement

What is an Employment Agreement? Employment agreements are formal legal documents that govern the terms of employment. The agreement is executed by the employer and employee. All employment agreements in Ontario must comply with the Employment Standards Act. The contents of employment contracts are important due to the consequences they could have for both sides. […]

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