Share Purchase Agreement

A Share Purchase Agreement is a document used by shareholders to transfer their company share ownership to a buyer. A share denotes ownership in the company. Shares can be purchased or sold by both individuals and corporations, so either may require the use of a Share Purchase Agreement.  Typically a letter of intent is drafted to explain the terms of the sale.  The […]

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Shareholder agreement

Shareholder agreements are sometimes overlooked and deemed “unnecessary” by shareholders at the outset of a business, but the absence of an agreement early on can lead to huge problems down the road.  It is highly recommended that any company with shareholders have a shareholder agreement drafted.   A shareholder agreement is a legal document which specifies […]

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Asset purchase agreement

An asset purchase agreement is a legal agreement between a buyer and a seller that finalizes terms and conditions related to the purchase and sale of a company’s assets. An asset purchase agreement enables a buyer to select specifically what assets they want to buy and identify what liabilities they are willing to take on.  […]

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IP Transfer agreement

Intellectual property, especially in the field of technology is critical and having legal documents of ownership helps you with due diligence. The agreement needs to define key aspects like IP definition, release, assignment and third party infringement.  An IP transfer agreement is a legal document between individuals or companies transferring their Intellectual Property. This legal […]

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