Federal Incorporation

Federal incorporation is one option for incorporating a new business. The other option is provincial incorporation. There are benefits to both approaches. If you don’t have a solid understanding of the two options and what benefits and limitations exist with each, it is advisable that you work with a business lawyer who is experienced in […]

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Ready to Incorporate Your Business?

Incorporate your business with an experienced lawyer to ensure all paperwork is accurate and ensure your business is structured properly to protect you and for tax purposes. Your lawyer will walk you through the process and ask questions to ensure all your bases are covered.  This is part one in a series on business incorporation […]

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Why Incorporate Your Business?

Incorporate your business? Yes! Learn why. Higher than ever costs of living have led many Canadians to consider creative ways to keep up with inflation and maintain financial security. In turn, the pandemic has brought upon us a new wave of entrepreneurship as more Canadians than ever before look to take advantage of both more […]

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