What is an ALSP?

ALSP Refresher!

It’s been a while since we covered the basics on Alternative Legal Service Providers (ALSPs). So today we will take just a few minutes to cover the key points.

The cost of hiring traditional law firms for companies of all sizes –  particularly start-ups –  is cost prohibitive.  Rates of $500+ per hour are not uncommon with an experienced lawyer. Companies are left with deciding to blow their budget or forego the legal advice and help they need. Choosing to forego legal services, could result in much more expensive and serious legal help needed down the road.

Smaller companies that do pay a retainer to a traditional firm, often find they don’t get the attention and timely responses they need. They are a small fish, in a big sea. Lawyer attention tends to favor the larger accounts.

ALSPs, including CEO Law, are positioned offer a solution to these problems.

An ALSP is a legal services business that provides many of the same services that traditional law firms offer. How they offer it at a lower cost, and often offer better communication, subject matter expertise that is very specialized, flexibility, and speed.

CEO Law was founded by Steve Monk, a lawyer that was disenchanted with traditional law. He saw how traditional law was broken and he wanted to fix it for both sides – the lawyer and the client. Founding CEO Law allowed him to create something that has helped countless SMEs through to enterprise companies. All while ensuring lawyers got to enjoy the benefits of this new model. Lawyers don’t have to worry about overhead, about frantically trying to get their billable hours in and dealing with some of the other issues that come with traditional law firms. With CEO Law they can focus on the work they want to, and have more control over how they spend their time and user their expertise.

CEO Law has a roster of lawyers with experience and expertise in many areas. Subject matter expert lawyers that know how to work efficiently and thanks to our technology platform, are able to offer full transparency and quick communication. CEO Law is constantly innovating to find new ways to do things, always ensuring that they client gets exactly what they need.

To learn more about traditional law and ALSPs, we’ve compiled some links for you:

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