Fast and Affordable Access To Legal Services

The cost of legal services from traditional law firms can be prohibitive for companies of all sizes –  particularly start-ups.  It’s not uncommon to see rates of $500+ per hour with an experienced lawyer. Companies are left with the decision to blow their budget or forego important legal services and support.

CEO Law is positioned to be the solution to these problems that we all experience with traditional law.

There are many ways we accomplish this new legal system, but today I want to talk to you about just a few of the benefits we can offer.

We have a roster of lawyers with experience and expertise in many areas. These are subject matter expert lawyers that know how to work efficiently and thanks to our technology platform, are able to offer full transparency and quick communication.

As we noticed how clients use our site and services, we realized we have an opportunity to make things even easier and more affordable for some of our most common services.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our “Self Serve Legal Services.” You will find the following services:

In most cases we offer three tiers of service:

  1. Use our document generator (lowest price point)
  2. Create your own documents and have our experienced lawyers review the document
  3. Use a senior lawyer to draft your agreement for you

In cases where the service is not related to agreements/documents, we have a simple form to connect you with our resident expert on that topic area.

The system is easy to use, quick and convenient. The pricing is lower than anything you could get with a traditional law firm and each solution is of the highest quality.

These new services make it easy for budget-conscious businesses and entrepreneurs to get quality and experience they can trust for a great price.

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