The Cost of Traditional Law

Traditional law is broken. CEO Law’s innovations and affordable rates are helping clients save money and time. The numbers tell the story!

Traditional Law is broken

When you look at the breakdown of fees, you can see where things are going wrong with tradition law. Eliminating the overhead, using technology and a model that allows lawyers to make money without the overhead, enables CEO Law to pass on savings to the client.

Typically staff/resource issues, the need for subject matter expertise combined with frustration with the issues in traditional law, drive businesses to look for alternative legal service providers (ALSPs). Traditional law firms are using ALSPs for work that can get done more efficiently and at a lower cost than having it done in-house.

In addition to the cost savings, the experience is often easier with greater transparency and a communications portal that allows for easy tracking of project details, costs and fast communications.

The number of businesses that don’t hire the legal help they need due to budget constraints is concerning for everyone. CEO Law has broken down the barrier to access. Our clients get what they need at a fraction of the cost. SMEs, especially startups, need a lot of legal support to create the infrastructure they need to ensure the safety and longevity of their business. CEO Law serves SMEs, mid-market companies and enterprise companies.

Our lawyers are experienced, subject matter experts. Our business model allows you to tap into the help and expertise of Bay St. lawyer experience and services , without the high cost.

Talk to us about how we can help support you and your legal needs. Contact us today.

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