Travelling with Technology

I was at a networking event last night and I was speaking to a colleague who was planning a business trip to the US next week and she was speaking about her concerns crossing the border. As a side note I mentioned that she should think about the technology she was bringing with her as […]

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Work Permit Conditions

When Are They Breached and Are They Different From Non-Compliance? When hiring foreign workers, it is important to be able to read the work permit and understand the implications. From the employer’s perspective the most important part of the work permit is the listed conditions. There are generally four to seven conditions listed in the […]

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Nervous About NAFTA?

What Does NAFTA Mean For US or Mexican Employees in Canada on a Work Permit? Watching the NAFTA negotiations over the last week of the summer was like following a television melodrama. The corporate villain trying to manipulate the hero into a deal that benefits only one side. The hero committing to holding fast to […]

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You Don’t Know What you Don’t Know: Creating Privacy Impact Assessments

Large Scale Data Breaches – A Need for Urgent Action Last spring, Facebook exposed data on 87 million of its users to a researcher at Cambridge Analytica. That researcher, Aleksandr Kogan, built a Facebook app that asked a variety of questions using a quiz-like format, thereby collecting data from people who took the quiz. However […]

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