Small Business Legal Overview Infographic

Small business, gig workers, freelancers, solopreneurs – they are all increasing as people realize they aren’t satisfied in their day job, or they need to earn some extra income.

Often a small business thinks they can’t afford legal services, or they are concerned they will be a small fish in a big pond, and be neglected by their legal counsel. Many small businesses and freelancers / gig workers and solopreneurs state they have unfulfilled legal needs.

CEO Law was born out of the need to disrupt, fix what wasn’t working and create a new way for a small business to get high quality legal services at reasonable rates, less than with traditional law firms. On the other side, CEO Law was able to hire lawyers that are experienced and looking for something different than a traditional law firm.

The latest addition to CEO Law’s offerings is a Self Serve Platform. This concept is great for people concerned about budget. You get an experience lawyer that is a subject matter expert, at a flat rate that is less than you would get at a traditional law firm. The CEO Law platform gives you direct access to communicate with the lawyer and full transparency on billing and the status of your work.

Incorporating your small business is important to ensure you and your personal assets are protected.

Many entrepreneurs and freelancers don’t think they need to worry about contracts because they are “small” – however to ensure you are protected, it is important that you have a lawyer draft or review your contracts – this applies to vendors, contractors, and employees. You should also ensure you are compliant with data privacy laws and have proper Terms of Use and Privacy statements.

Check out CEO Law’s offerings and get the help you need for a very reasonable, flat rate.

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