2022 Workplace Trends

2022 is here and many of us are returning to work and getting ready to tackle our plans and goals for the year. It seemed like a good time to talk about the new normal and what it means for the workplace.

If you spend any time on LinkedIn or in professional groups, you will notice the conversation continues to shift. We are talking about important issues that have bubbled up over the course of the pandemic and all of the changes we’ve endured.

Talking about what wasn’t working and exploring how to make things work is healthy and good for people and businesses. We would like to be part of these conversations, so I wanted to share some of the key topics.

Leadership: It seems there has been a collective awakening to the importance of good leadership. People are starting to understand emotional intelligence and the role it plays in being a good leader. Leaders are addressing inclusion and equality. It’s exciting to see growth and change in such an important area.

Job Satisfaction: People are placing more importance on their job satisfaction. In many cases, employers are more focused on employee satisfaction as well. In some cases workplace culture is being reviewed, changes are being made. Policies and procedures are also being looked at and many new policies are being created. This is all very important for employee retention and most importantly for job satisfaction, which can impact mental health. To ensure any policies and procedures you remove, change or add are compliant with HR and Employment Laws, consider having a lawyer review your policies. Contact CEO Law today to learn how we can help at affordable rates.

Mandatory Vaccines: This continues to be an area of confusion and contention. Learn more about the issue and make sure you understand the implications of your decisions.

Business Continuity: As businesses have encountered unprecedented shutdowns and financial strain, creating a business continuity plan has become vital. Anticipating the problems that will arise and determining what the solutions are, can help you better adapt and recover from change that hurts your business.

HR Issues: With all of the focus on issues that impact HR, we predict that conversations about HR issues will continue as company’s strive to get ahead of the game on their HR policies. Let CEO Law help you if you don’t have in-house counsel or if you want a subject matter expert to help ensure your HR department is doing everything they need to, to stay compliant with employment laws.

We are looking forward to seeing where these conversations go and watching the growth and development of people, policies and companies.

CEO Law is your resource, check our Blog often for new information. Contact us if we can be of any help to your business.

2022 Workplace Trends

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