Financial Services Company Requires Subject Matter Knowledge and Experience

Empire Life Financial drafted a Diversity and Inclusion program, which they hoped to implement as soon as possible. Without any internal resources with experience, they needed to look outside to find a lawyer who could vet their program and either sign off on it, or help them get it up to par. The problem was, they needed someone who had knowledge on the topic AND experience implementing the program. Couple that with the need to keep costs down, and they knew what they needed wasn’t an easy ask.

With traditional law firms, cost control is frequently stated as a concern. Finding a subject matter expert with sufficient experience is also a challenge.

CEO Law, a non-traditional Alternative Legal Service Provider (ALSP), is made for these challenges. It is possible to get affordable help, avoid costly monthly retainers and also find a lawyer with expertise and experience.


The ALSP business model is designed to fix what was broken in traditional law firms. Through technology, a roster of lawyers that work on the cases they want, without worrying about marketing and other business issues, combine for a new type of legal entity. One that services the specific needs of every client, customizing a legal services package that works for each client.

It may be a single transactional type service, or an on-going engagement involving various different services. The beauty of the ALSP is that the lawyers and clients both get more satisfaction from the deal and there is flexibility to scale back or increase scope, based on the needs of the client.

This case study illustrates how companies of all sizes have unique needs and budget limitations that are easily accommodated by using an ALSP. This a perfect use case to demonstrate the value of thinking outside the box when looking for solutions.

If you are looking to outsource legal services, for any reason, talk to CEO Law about how our customized service packages can help you solve your challenges and move forward – on time and on budget.

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ALSP Helps Financial Company

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