Not-for-Profit Discovers Benefits of ALSP

How a not-for-profit worked with CEO Law to get the time and attention they needed to accomplish their goals.

ParticipACTION, a mid-market not for profit business with a long history of engaging communities in healthy activity has limited resources and feels the strain of those limitations. With no in-house legal department, they outsourced to law firms to handle their legal needs.

With a history of budget cuts, which caused them to close their doors at one point, they are very conscious of their need to run lean and to get maximum value from the money spent.

A common challenge for smaller companies working with larger law firms is the feeling of being a small fish in a big sea. It can be challenging to get the timely attention that is needed.

Learn how CEO Law was able to help ParticipACTION resolve their legal challenges.

Understanding how Alternative Legal Service Providers (ALSPs) helps businesses similar to yours aides companies struggling with legal challenges in finding the solution that works best for them.

How does this case study benefit you?

Case studies highlight the expertise and value that CEO Law offered a particular client.  They also act as use cases to demonstrate the common frustrations with traditional law firms and shine a light on the solutions and options that exists through a different legal services model.

Through technology and an awareness that law firms need to evolve to better meet the needs of companies of all sizes, ALSPs are grabbing their share of the market. Growth in adoption of ALSPs is based solely on the benefits companies are deriving from their engagements with companies like CEO Law.

If you have any questions about ParticipACTION or about how CEO Law can help with your legal challenges, please connect with us today.

General Counsel, businesses with no legal department and traditional law firms are using ALSPs to manage their workload, find subject matter expertise and handle transactional work at a lower cost. Through technology and our business model, we are able to offer Bay St lawyers as a lower rate than you would expect.

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ALSP benefits non-profit-organizations

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