Startup Legal Support: What Are the 4 Things You Need Most? A CAse Study

Startups need legal support in a variety of areas that they know of and likely in areas they aren’t aware of. Which is why a lawyer you can trust is crucial to your success. In order to trust your attorney and get maximum value for your money, you need:

Flexibility. Reliability. Affordability. Experience.

With traditional law firms, you can usually get two out of the four. With the growth and future of the company on the line, it’s important to find a solution that offers you all four of those components.

Without flexibility, you end up paying for more than you need and often don’t operate on your timeline. Without reliability, you chase the lawyer, increasing frustration and creating further delay. With all the papers that are filed, attention to detail is key. If the services aren’t affordable, your budget may not be able to cover all of the necessary legal services. Without experience you potentially miss opportunities, face delays and mistakes and there could be even more costly problems and outcomes.

The MinuteBox case study showcases common concerns for startup businesses and how CEO Law, an Alternative Legal Services Provider (ALSP) helped them get everything they needed.

Business registration. Partnership agreements. Vendor, employee and lease contracts. IP protection. Licensing agreements. These are just some of the areas where a startup can really benefit from the help of a lawyer. Proper infrastructure and agreements protect you and your business and could be what keeps you out of court one day.

Creating a relationship with a lawyer that knows your business, it’s history and your goals is something that can benefit you for years to come. MinuteBox developed a long-lasting relationship with CEO Law, which offers the peace of mind he needs as his business continues to grow.

So often we talk to people that don’t realize how easy it is to visit, find a lawyer with the experience you need and initiate a service agreement that covers everything you need and nothing you don’t.

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