Change and Unexpected Legal Issues Created A Challenge for 1010 Tires

Businesses often have a system that works for official records and finances. They also often encounter a time when they find the current way of doing things won’t work anymore. 1010 Tires experienced this when an employee left the company, and the CEO was left with physical possession of books that needed to be updated by an outside party going forward. As she prepared to transition her documents to a local attorney, a legal issue came up outside her home province of British Columbia.

Mid-sized businesses that cover a larger geographical area may find themselves in need of more than one lawyer. And that is exactly what happened with 1010 Tires. Managing multiple lawyers seemed cumbersome and overwhelming. 1010 Tires needed to work with a legal entity that could help in all areas and geographic regions. On top of that, the area of expertise that 1010 Tires needed was Ecommerce. It wasn’t easy to find a lawyer with that subject matter expertise.

1010 Tires came across CEO Law and did their due diligence.

CEO Law actively builds their roster of lawyers and as it turns out, in addition to having the subject matter expert that 1010 Tires needed, CEO Law also had a lawyer in both provinces to help resolve all of 1010 Tires issues.

Another benefit of Alternative Legal Service Providers (ALSPs) is the diversity in disciplines and even in locations. A traditional law firm typically offers a few specific disciplines. Looking outside the box, at a company like CEO Law gives mid-sized businesses a greater chance of finding the experience they need at the price they want. Custom services that meet our client’s needs is what we do.

Steve Monk, founder of CEO Law didn’t want to work in a broken industry. He had a vision of legal services that work for both the client and the lawyer. Legal services that didn’t preclude clients due to budget constraints. CEO Law has the ability to serve startups, SMEs, mid-sized and enterprise clients all at a price that is much less than you would pay with a traditional law firm. The technology platform that allows clients to communicate with their lawyers and manage the admin side of things and gives transparency to the client at all times.

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