Pharmaceutical Business Struggles to Find Fair Pricing and Transparency in Legal Services

ALSPs as a solution? Emil Stavrikov thought so!

A small business owner, who has successfully run a pharmaceutical company for 18 years is ready to sell his business – and move on to renovating his home and enjoying life. The experience was much more difficult than Emil had envisioned. At the point that he found CEO Law, he had already gone through 10 lawyers that didn’t work out.

It’s not the first story of an SME that paid high fees to a lawyer for a disappointing experience that lacked responsiveness and transparency.  It’s been hypothesized that firms take on smaller clients and find they get pushed to the side as large retainer clients need their time and attention.

Frustrated with the experience and anxious to find a solution that would allow Emil and his wife to complete the transaction and move on to the next phase of their life, Emil encountered CEO Law, an Alternative Legal Services Provider (ALSP). He was thrilled to find CEO Law and he will gladly tell anyone how grateful he was to finally get the service he expected for a price that made sense to him.

Much like many of our clients, Emil went on to work with the CEO Law attorney for other projects. The ALSP model worked well for what Emil needed and he continued to get the fair pricing and transparency that he required.

Thinking outside the box and considering a non-traditional law firm, like an ALSP to handle your legal needs often leads to a long-term relationship where you have a trusted resource that you can work with, as needed.

Emil’s story reminds us that SMEs have similar struggles when it comes to traditional legal services. As things continue to change in this new normal, we are reminded more than ever how important it is to control costs and minimize struggle. When there is an easier path, take it! Reducing stress and getting more done are goals that many are working towards.

Explore how ALSP CEO Law can help your business. Remember, some time with a lawyer to review agreements can save you costly litigation or other issues down the road.

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