Case Study: Northbridge Insurance Struggles Filling Contract Position

Lawyer was needed to fill contract position.

Filling a contract position comes with its challenges. You risk investing in on boarding a candidate that leaves when a permanent opportunity comes along.

Northbridge found themselves in a position where they needed to fill a contract role in the legal department and were unable to find a reliable candidate.

They became aware of Alternative Legal Service Providers (ALSPs) and met with CEO Law and one other company to explore outsourcing the work.

This case study highlights the problems that businesses face in finding the right in-house talent on short term contract to fill a gap by an employee going on leave. You will learn how CEO Law was able to offer the experience and value that Northbridge was looking for.

Steve Monk, the founder of CEO Law and well-respected lawyer saw what was broken in traditional law firms – on both sides – for the clients and the lawyers. Innovation and drive come natural to Steve and that propelled him to shake things up and create a solution for what wasn’t working. His reputation and proven results allowed Steve to create CEO Law and build a roster of qualified, experienced lawyers to service enterprise client needs.

The ALSP model allows lawyers to work in an environment where they have more control over their time, the cases they work on and in general have more job satisfaction. This in turn, ensures that clients receive subject matter experts that are focused on their needs, for a rate much lower than they expect.

There are various reasons to outsource legal services and often the need appears unexpectedly. CEO Law is here for that exact reason. We can step in and very quickly become a part of your team, without the overhead of an employee, or when an employee can’t be found.

In a constantly changing world, where pivoting in business has become the norm, CEO Law offers a flexible solution to meet the needs of our clients.

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