Case Study: Purchase & Sale Of A Business

Due diligence, negotiations, decisions, contracts and more, are all part of the process of buying or selling a business. It’s a complex process and it may become contentious as you negotiate. A lawyer who is experienced in guiding you through the process can not only ease the stress but ensure your rights are properly protected.

In this case study, a CEO Law client purchased a business with partners and later started the process of selling the business – all with the same lawyer.

CEO Law lawyer helps with purchase and sale of business

The common challenge buyers and sellers face?

Finding a lawyer that is reliable, experienced in all stages of buying or selling a business and is affordable. CEO Law was able to check all the boxes for this group and help make the purchase and subsequent sale process as smooth as possible.

How was CEO Law able to check all the boxes?

CEO Law is an Alternative Legal Services Provider (ALSP) – we were founded on the idea that traditional law is broken and it’s time to shake things up and offer legal services that better meet the needs of SMEs.

Our roster of experienced lawyers are available in a flexible way, allowing clients to pay for their needs and not be tied to an expensive monthly retainer. Through technology, a different business structure and innovation, we are positioned to offer exactly what SMEs need – for both long term relationships and transactional work.

SMEs may find themselves in a situation where they forego legal help altogether due to budgetary constraints. Or they may go for a lawyer with lower fees and significantly less experience. At CEO Law, we are able to ensure you get Bay St lawyer experience, for a fraction of the cost.

Who should read this case study?

If you are an SME that needs legal help with the purchase or sale of a business, this case study outlines how the help of an ALSP like CEO Law checks all the boxes. Note: CEO Law also services mid-market and enterprise businesses.

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CEO Law Case Study - Alternative Legal Service Provider Services

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