Law Firm Use of ALSPs

Access to specialized expertise is the primary driver for a Law Firm’s use of ALSPs. Litigation support, research assistance, and cost are the second most common reason for Firms to reach out to ALSPs. Document review is an area for Firms to call in help and control costs.

In-house legal departments are likely to look for help in compliance, regulatory risk, litigation, or investigation. View our infographic to see the usage details.

If you are a law firm or part of in-house counsel that is looking to see what other firms are doing, this is a great resource. If you are looking to outsource to an ALSP, please contact us to discuss your needs. We also have information on how corporations are using ALSPs.

A Brief Overview of ALSPs

ALSPs are legal companies that specialize in providing specialized or high-demand legal services as:

HR Support
IP management
Document review
Contract management
Litigation support
Discovery and electronic discovery
Contract lawyers and staffing
Investigation support and legal research

ALSP businesses take on and improve systematic elements of legal processes that can be performed more efficiently.

An ALSP is not a law firm. It is a legal services business, that provides one or more services that law firms would traditionally offer. Often services are offered at a lower rate and with additional advantages like increased expertise, flexibility, more access to technology and speed.

ALSPs don’t have to fit into the typical law firm structure, which leaves them free to innovate. It’s this innovation that helps with cost control and with making ALSPs an attractive option for legal firms, legal departments and General Counsel.

The pressure to get more done for less is one of the reasons that so many are now adopting ALSPs as regular solutions for their legal needs.

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