The Jetsons and CEO Law

If you were lucky, you grew up watching The Jetsons. If not, you can find clips online! The show was set in Orbit City in the year 2062. Homes towered in the sky, as cars flew by. Rosie, the robot maid is our focus today. Rosie served as the maid for the Jetson family. Taking care of all their needs – along with a host of buttons that offered the convenience of automation.

CEO Law technology

While we can’t claim to have a Rosie, or even a panel of buttons to handle our every need and whim, we do have our own bot – chatbot that is. If you’ve been on our site before, you’ve seen Red Bot in the corner of the page.

Aside from being a very loose connection to the Jetsons, Rod Bot is a handy tool, designed to make your life a little easier when you visit us. Red Bot will help you find information, schedule a consultation and more. Red Bot will connect you with one of us or pass a message along if we are buy.

While chatbots are common these days, if you’ve never interacted with one, here are a few pointers:

Communicate like you normally would, however try to be concise and direct for the best response.

Ask Red Bot for what you need, or let him guide you through some questions to determine how he can best help you.

Red Bot will recognize you if you come back and will always attempt to point you to the best content for you.


Thank you for stopping by and don’t forget, Red Bot is a resource CEO Law provides to help you find the information you need.

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