Primer on Litigation

Litigation overview, covering some of the most common types.

Operating a business comes with risk. A strong legal team – which may involve the help of outside council – can help you mitigate the risks and decrease the likelihood of you being involved in business litigation.

Preventative measures to avoid litigation are important. However sometimes it is inevitable. That is when it is more important than ever to have a lawyer that is very experienced in litigation. You will require guidance, legal advice, and aggressive advocacy. Settling out of court is often the most desirable outcome.  If your in-house legal team doesn’t have the experience you need, consult with CEO Law and see how our lawyers can supplement and support your in-house council.

Common Business Litigation

There are various scenarios where you could find yourself being sued or suing someone, over the course of your business operations.

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Intellectual property disputes: Your intellectual property may be used without your consent. You need to protect your property and rights. A lawyer can advise you on the best course of action and what you can expect as an outcome. Working with an experienced lawyer will help make the process easier, with the most favorable outcome.

Product liability: If a product you manufacture or sell causes harm, you may be sued.

Personal Injury:  If someone visits your office or workplace and are injured, this could also lead to a personal injury suit.

Breach of contract: Legally binding agreements require both parties to fulfill the terms of the agreement. If a breach occurs, on either side, the damaged party can seek compensation. Understanding contract law and your obligations can help prevent this. However over the course of business, it is possible that you may sue or be sued related to contract breaches. Employment law is often an area where breaches occur.

Partnership disputes: Disputes related to financials, busines operations, corporate direction and more can result in disputes with shareholders or business partners. Typically a strong partnership agreement would define how these things are handled, however sometimes they do result in litigation.

There are countless other reasons you may find yourself involved in litigation. Where you are the defendant or plaintiff, it is important that you have a strong and experienced lawyer handling the case.


How CEO Law Can Help

In many situations, business disputes can be settled out of court, even after a suit has been filed. An experienced attorney will understand the steps and be prepared to aggressively negotiate on your behalf. If your in-house legal team is not experienced in litigation, it is well worth the investment to outsource to an Alternative Legal Service Provider, like CEO Law. The savings from proper representation will exceed the cost of bringing in the expert.

Keep in mind, in addition to the financial implications of a lawsuit, there are brand reputation issues to consider – which can cause untold damage. Settling typically keeps things quieter and may be in your best interest. Your experienced trial lawyer would be able to advise you there.

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