HR and Employment Law: An Intersection of Importance for Businesses

Human Resources departments are required to know increasingly more about employment law. There is no expectation that they will function with the same level of experience and an employment lawyer. However deep knowledge and rich experience in this area offers great benefit to businesses.

Compliance with safety regulations, contractual obligations, employment laws and more, require that HR departments be very well versed – otherwise it can lead to increased exposure and risk for the business.

When you think about the areas HR handles, things like employee relations, recruitment, benefits, compensation, occupational health and safety, policy development and more – they are often heavily regulated. Being knowledgeable and proactive is the best way to mitigate risk.

employment law and hr

Employment laws change frequently, especially during times like the pandemic. This requires reading, attending seminars, following trade publications and more. Adding the burden of staying on top of legal changes to a busy HR executive’s plate may not be feasible. CEO Law can step in and lighten the load of your HR department, for less than it would cost to expand your HR team. Using CEO Law for this specialized knowledge is a more cost effective way to ensure your business is protected in all areas related to employment law.

In addition to staying current with laws and regulations, HR is also responsible for documentation of policies and procedures. Often an Employee Handbook is created and maintained to ensure compliance with all current legislation. This handbook sets expectations and guidelines for performance and organization structure and corporate cultures. A comprehensive, clear and current handbook will go a long way in helping resolve any disputes that arise. Again, CEO Law can manage this task, freeing your HR team to focus on areas other than law.

Legal help from CEO Law helps with risk management. We can help mitigate risk of audits and legal liabilities. Our audits will ensure everything is in place and done to the letter of the law.

Sexual harassment is a serious issue and often it’s a lack of knowledge and training, rather than true intended harm that causes the problem. However lack of nefarious intention doesn’t free anyone from the liabilities that come with harassment. Proper training and documentation will help protect everyone involved. A strong understanding of the guidelines in this area is important.

HR Professionals need strong working knowledge on Human Rights issues and Occupational Health and Safety regulations. Compliance issues are usually avoidable with the right regulations and policies in place.

You can see from just these few points how significant a role employment law plays in HR. In the absence of an HR professional with this knowledge and expertise, the best thing you can do, the best money you will spend is for legal support. Mitigating risk and protecting your business, executive team and assets is crucial to the long-term success of your business. Get the support you need, be proactive. Schedule a consultation with CEO Law founder and CEO Steve Monk, to learn how we can assess your current status and how your organization needs to improve to be fully covered and protected.

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