A Better Solution for Short Term Leaves

As the world adjusts to changing work requirements and environments, so too must legal departments and the legal services providers that support them.   

While some of the changes we’ve seen have been predictable, like the move to more flexible, remote work situations, others have been less obvious.  For example, tighter budgets and the newfound acceptance of less traditional work environments are allowing legal departments to consider non-traditional business models that help them operate more efficiently. 

 Particularly with respect to short term leaves and overflow work, General Counsel are taking advantage of models that offer senior lawyers with more affordable rate structures and no minimums that allow them to resource their legal departments more efficiently than in the past.  We’ve found our General Counsel clients appreciate a few unique benefits of our service: 

  • No Minimum Commitment 

We do not require a commitment to a specific number of hours or days per week. 

  • Hourly or Daily rates 

Clients can choose between hourly and daily rates depending on how they’d like to work. 

  • Staff Up or Staff Down 

Clients can adjust their use of resources depending on the volume of work that they expect over a given period of time.  

We understand that times are changing and we are available to support legal departments in a more flexible way. If you’ve got short-term leaves (or maternity leaves) to fill or if you’ve got overflow you need supported, please keep us in mind. 

To book a free consultation or to learn more about our services for legal departments, click here and we’ll be happy to help.

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