Pro tips for creating a highly effective CEO LAW lawyer profile

Hello there! Hope you are doing good! Since you have started exploring the CEO LAW platform, We also wanted to send you a list of best practices for creating a highly effective profile which will help clients better understand your experience and expertise when making a decision to work with you.

1. A professional portrait photo 

Your photo conveys a lot about your personality. So take care when you upload your picture. Good lighting, plain/creative backgrounds, positioning your shot above your waist and a smile can really help you take a professional picture with just about any smartphone camera.

2. Showcase your expertise in your Summary and Detailed description

A profile with more details is more effective. Consider the Summary like your elevator pitch for the client.  In the detailed description section, you could substantiate in detail with educational qualifications, your experiences, positions held, clients that you are proud of and a few success stories. We are lucky to have many exceptional Bay Street trained lawyers on our roster and want to make sure your expertise is properly conveyed so that your unique qualifications differentiate you from others on the team.

3. Small things make a huge difference

Since one of CEO Law’s strength is technology, our algorithm matches you with clients searching on our website based on the criteria you enter into your profile. So, it is important to highlight your skills in specific legal areas or industries. At CEO law, we believe that it’s important to present ourselves as a complete, well-rounded people that we are, so you can also add your areas of interest outside of work as well.  Connections can be made in many ways including common interests! 

Creating a highly effective profile is the first step towards creating a more transparent, connected and responsive experience for clients. Your profile is also a very important part of our sales process because it gives us something to direct prospective clients towards when we are speaking about your potential fit. 

We are excited that you are a part of our journey in challenging the status quo of traditional law. If you have any questions or face any challenge in completing the profile, do send your query to and we are happy to help.

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