CEO Law vs Traditional Law Firms

Welcome to CEO Law – your alternative legal services and technology-enabled firm. 

You will experience 4 distinct differences about CEO Law that make us a good fit to help with your legal needs.

First, you get the best lawyers.

CEO Law is a firm made up of senior, Bay Street trained lawyers, who also have hands-on experience working in companies.  This experience is critically important because it gives our lawyers the context and perspective to relate to your needs. Having worked at Davies on Bay Street myself, I know that most Bay Street lawyers have never worked in a company and they just can’t relate to people like you, who do.

Second, you get rates that are dramatically better.
We charge $200/hr under retainer and $250/hr if you pay after the work is done and daily rates are even lower. We believe customers deserve a superb lawyer at a fair price.

Third, you benefit from our innovation and investment in technology.

We devote considerable ongoing expense to our one-of-a-kind customer/lawyer platform. The platform makes the experience of working with our lawyers more transparent, connected and responsive. As one example, we let you see right inside our billing system so you can see time entered by a lawyer as soon as it’s entered. No one else offers that kind of transparency. 

Finally, you will see right away, we try harder.
We know we have to work harder to prove our promises. We know you’re placing your trust in us – and we intend to continue to earn it. 

As our clients give is a try – and we have some large clients like Staples, Panasonic, Interac, CMHC, Empire Life, Northbridge Financial, Oxford Properties, PNR RailWorks, Ontario College of Trades, United Jewish Appeal and Harlequin/Harper Collins – they agree we’re providing something better. 

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I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Steve Monk
Founder & CEO
m: 416.712.7838

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