How to Maintain Productivity without Burning Out

As we’ve settled into our new work-from-home environments it has become common to hear people say that they’re working more hours than ever before. While in the short term this may be a good thing for a variety of reasons, like the fact that we should be happy to have jobs or the fact that it can help take our minds off of some of the other stresses we are experiencing, long term it won’t be sustainable. Sooner than later we are all going to have to take a closer look at what we do each workday to make sure we stay productive and avoid burning out.  More hours in the office don’t always equate to more or better-quality outputs. 

Establish a New Routine

Routines help us manage our day-to-day activities and keep us on track to meet our goals, but when our routines are forced to change without notice our lives can begin to feel chaotic.  While it may seem obvious, a change in the work environment requires an adjustment to our routines to make sure we stay on track to accomplish our goals.  Depending on the circumstances our goals may require a reset as well. 

Take Breaks 

If you’re like me, it can be easy to lose track of time and find you’ve worked the majority of the day without a break. The longer I go without a short break though, the less productive I become.  Lately, I’ve been breaking up my day by going for short 5-minute runs in between meetings. This gives me the mental break I need while also keeping me physically active.  By the end of the day I’ve accumulated 5 kilometers of running and I’ve maintained consistent productivity throughout the workday.

If this approach isn’t your cup of tea – check out my post on how to avoid ants-in-your-pants for other ideas. 


While traditional vacations my be less common in 2020, it is still important to take time to reboot as well as spend time with family and friends.  You may choose to use your vacation days differently this year – like extending weekends by a day rather than taking full weeks out of the office, but don’t forget that your vacation days are there to be used! 

What are you doing to avoid burning out?

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