How Do You Stay Motivated as a Company Founder?

Once again, the company name is a perfect acronym for my chief motivations.

Thinking about our Customers, Employees and Owners is all I need to jump out of bed each morning and hit the ground running!

From a Customer perspective, I passionately believe that Customers deserve a better, more satisfying legal solution. There is an urgent need for companies to have access to great lawyers, at fair prices, delivering connected and responsive legal solutions. That’s why CEO Law offers best-of-breed lawyers – all senior and generally with experience at top Bay Street law firms followed by time spent working in-house at leading Canadian companies, so they have a real appreciation for how companies operate. We make these superb lawyers available at amazing prices – as low as $200 per hour and never more than $250. And we really focus on delivering these top legal services in a better way – leveraging technology such as our first-of-its-kind customer portal and measuring customer satisfaction using the Net Promoter Score world class standard. So that’s motivation number one.

Motivation two is the great team at CEO Law. The truth is that this group motivates me more than any other. For all the great people working so hard every day to deliver a better solution for customers – I say Thank You! Growing a successful business and rewarding your hard work with a great career is something that drives me every day.

And finally there are the owners. CEO Law has the investment of some of my best friends. So I am motivated every day to justify the faith they have in our team and our offer. Delivering success for Owners, while third on the C-E-O list, is something that also motivates me every single day.

So that’s what drives me – delivering a better, more satisfying legal solution for Customers, Employees and Owners!

– Steve Monk, CEO & Founder

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