What has been the most fulfilling experience you’ve had as an entrepreneur?

Great question!

We’re called CEO Law for a reason – it means we’re committed to happy Customers, happy Employees and happy Owners – in that order!

So the happiest moments I’ve had as an entrepreneur have been when we’ve done an outstanding job of delighting our Customers and Employees.

A great recent example involved an entrepreneur looking to complete a patent. He had searched the market and found the lowest possible price with a firm he found to be acceptable – not one of the leading BigLaw firms, but acceptable. CEO Law then offered him access to one of our superb Bay Street trained lawyers at a price 40% lower than the lowest price he found, and a full 100% lower than the price he generally encountered in the market. The switch saved his company $1200 while giving him access to a superb lawyer – as good as you’ll find anywhere! So the Customer was delighted to get a best of breed lawyer at a significant savings – and loved the Customer service we delivered as well!

Our lawyer was delighted to do the work he loves and very fulfilled to know that the Customer was delighted with everything CEO Law was able to bring to the table.

That’s what I love – disrupting the legal marketplace and delivering a solution that results in happy Customers and happy Employees! All of which makes for a happy Owner!

– Steve Monk, Founder & CEO

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