What sets CEO Law apart from its New Law competitors?

The first distinction I think is important is what sets CEO Law apart from its BigLaw competition. That one is easy – we offer lawyers with the same Bay Street training where our lawyers generally also have worked in leading Canadian companies so they know how companies operate. We focus more on a great customer experience. And our lawyers are available at prices as much as 80% lower! That’s a pretty compelling set of major differences.

So how do we compare to other New Law competitors? Here, our prices remain lower – still as much as 40% to 60% lower than anything else out there. Still a very sizeable savings. Just recently I had an example where a customer found the best available price to be $4300 for the labour on a patent application vs. the standard price in the market over $6000. CEO Law offered a superb IP law resource at only $3000 for the same work! That’s a major savings – and reflects BigLaw at prices 100% higher and a New Law competitor at prices 43% higher. Our newest customer appreciates saving $1300 and was happy to engage CEO Law!

Another key difference is our transparency. CEO Law is proud to be launching a new Customer Portal that will give customers direct insight into our billing system so that they’ll always be up to date in real time with the charges on their file. This innovation, the first of its kind, is something we’re hearing time and again is exactly what customers want to see.

And our newest offer – an incredible deal on legal services through a subscription offer – is another first-of-its-kind offer we’re very proud to launch. Under the offer, companies can pay $250 per month and receive up to 20 hours of general counsel services or 15 hours of specialized services whenever they need them within the one-year subscription period. This offer gives customers certainty on the cost side but allows them complete flexibility on the consumption side. So they can use 20 hours of general counsel services in month one but pay only $250 that month! We take on the immediate cost in order to provide cost certainty for our clients. It’s another example of CEO Law being first to the market and giving customers another reason to recognize that we’re making legal solutions more satisfying!


– Steve Monk, CEO and Founder

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