How would you define success for CEO Law?

Great question! The answer is in our name itself – which is an acronym for Customers, Employees and Owners. We believe that truly successful companies are committed to the happiness of these groups, in this order.

It starts with doing everything possible to ensure happy Customers. We believe that a great lawyer, at a fair price, delivering more connected, responsive, transparent legal solutions, will make our Customers happy. Like a great restaurant, we start with a great product – in our case, it’s our best-of-breed lawyers, with BigLaw experience at leading firms like Torys, McCarthys, Davies, BLG, McMillan, Bereskin & Parr, Casssels, Rubin Thomlinson and Fragomen (Canada) and follow-on experience at leading Canadian companies like TD Bank, Blackberry / Research in Motion, PwC, Deloittes, KPMG, Primus, Call-Net / Sprint Canada, TCPL, ICI, OnX, Masterfile, SOCAN, Symcor, Volaris, Fairmont, and Wolters Kluwer – so they bring Big Law training and real company experience and expertise to your company. Then we ensure, like a great restaurant, that our prices are fair. In our case, our senior, best-of-breed lawyers are available at prices as low as $100 per hour and never more than $250 – and we offer them within a retainer model, a subscription model or post-paid, whatever is best for your company. And finally, like a great restaurant, we ensure that our service is superb – as measured by our Net Promoter Scores – where our target is +70%, in line with the best companies in the world (Apple, Amazon, Netflix) and orders of magnitude better than the +19% average for law firms in North America.

Equally important, it’s a top priority for CEO Law to ensure that the Employee team is engaged and happy. At CEO Law, a big part of success is ensuring that everyone is connected to the success we’re having with customers. We believe that the greatest motivation and engagement comes from understanding how each role is intimately connected to, and essential for, the glowing feedback we’re receiving from customers. And we measure Net Promoter Score with our Employee group as well, with the same +70% target, to ensure we’re aligned with best-in-the-world companies as far as our Employee happiness as well.

And Owners come last. At CEO Law, we believe that the best way to ensure happy Owners is to start with happy Customers and happy Employees. Unlike Big Law, where we see an emphasis on Owner-Employee-Customer, we believe that legal solutions should be more satisfying for Customers and for lawyers. And that means thinking first about Customers and Employees and putting Owners last.

So what is success for CEO Law?

Easy – happy Customers. Happy Employees. And happy Owners 🙂


– Steve Monk, CEO and Founder

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