How are CEO Law’s prices so low?

At CEO Law, we believe legal solutions should be more satisfying – for customers and for lawyers.

For customers, our promise is simple: a great lawyer, at a fair price, delivering legal solutions in a more connected, responsive and transparent way.

To deliver on our promise, we believe that a senior, Bay Street trained lawyer, with significant experience and expertise, is critically important. So is superb service backed by technology to deliver efficiency, connectedness and transparency. And a fair price is an important part of our value proposition too – that’s why our lawyers are available at prices as low as $100/hour and never more than $250/hour.

So how do we do it when Big Law charges over $1000 an hour for the same calibre of senior lawyers? How can we deliver superb lawyers at discounts as much as 75% to 90%? It’s all about the two key drivers of price – cost and margin.

On the cost side, we start by stripping out all of the unnecessary overhead so we’re as lean as possible. We don’t ask you to pay for a partner pool earning million dollar salaries based on a pyramid of lawyers extracting hefty hourly rates. We don’t have you finance Bay Street offices with marble foyers, expansive views and sky-high rents. We don’t make you fund an army of students, staff, secretaries and photo copy experts. If it isn’t essential to you, we cut it out to make our overhead as lean as possible.

Then, on the margin side, we set our prices so that they’re as low as we can go and still have a good business. If it isn’t the cost of your lawyer plus a thin margin to cover our lean overhead and a small profit, we strip it away and pass back the benefit to our customers. This way, we ensure that our lawyers can make a great living doing work they love – and our customers get everything we believe they richly deserve – a great lawyer, at a fair price, delivering a superior experience. And we still have a solid, profitable and successful company. Win – win – win.

It’s all designed to live up to our goal to make legal solutions more satisfying – for customers and for lawyers!


– Steve Monk, CEO and Founder

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