What would you say to a lawyer considering joining CEO Law?

At CEO Law, our driving goal is to make legal solutions more satisfying for customers AND for lawyers.

So the first thing I tell lawyers considering CEO Law is that they’re promised a better, more satisfying professional life as part of our team.

It’s been said that if a bargain between two parties ends with one party happy and the other party unhappy, that’s just a bad bargain for the unhappy party. But if both parties are unhappy, that’s a situation ripe for disruption.

And that’s the situation with traditional law today. Traditional law is broken. Customers are unhappy because they get disconnected services that are non-responsive to their business realities and come with exorbitant prices. Lawyers are unhappy because their lives, which are completely out-of-balance, are miserable as a result. Their value within the organization is based solely on their billable hours and $$$$ contribution to the partners. And they have no ability to choose which work and which customers they want to work with.

At CEO Law, we’re fixing what’s broken. Our promise to customers is simple – a great lawyer, at a fair price, using technology to deliver a more connected, responsive and transparent legal solution.

And our promise to lawyers is equally simple – you can have a balanced lifestyle, while delivering superior quality legal advice to customers you choose to work with, and being well compensated for your expertise.

It is possible for legal solutions to be more satisfying for customers and for lawyers – that’s the promise CEO Law is built upon!


– Steve Monk, CEO and Founder

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