What do you think is the future of legal tech?

I believe the best use of technology, in Legal Solutions or in any customer facing enterprise, is technology that will have a beneficial impact directly on the customers.

At CEO Law, we’re focused on using technology to create a more responsive, more connected legal solution for our clients.

So we’re creating a customer portal that we believe will be revolutionary in creating and delivering efficiency, visibility and transparency to our customers.

Our portal will allow customers to enter their legal needs and receive an array of lawyers with the skills necessary to help – arranged based on the lawyer possessing the requisite skills, lawyer availability, geographic proximity and Net Promoter Score customer feedback.

After this assessment, the customer then will be able to book an initial free consultation using technology to provide insight into the chosen lawyer’s up-to-date calendar availability.

Once the appointment is booked, the client will be contacted by video conference call for the initial assessment at the scheduled time. This use of technology creates several key benefits including better relationship building through face-to-face contact and the ability to share documents easily on-screen so that the lawyer assessment of the scope of work can be completed with better context and without any need for subsequent document sharing by email.

Once the initial free consultation has been completed, if the client would like to proceed, the client will have the ability to complete all required “know your client” information required by the Law Society and an engagement letter will be immediately generated, which the client can sign electronically. The client also will be able to deposit any retainer online at the same time.

Upon signature and payment of the retainer, the lawyer will receive immediate notification that the work can begin.

Once the work begins, our customer portal will provide customers with access to all of the key information related to their engagement – including which lawyers are working on the file, how much work has been completed, what is the balance of the retainer, what appointments are upcoming between the client and the lawyers, and what work product has been generated.

The portal also will allow every customer to provide Net Promoter Score feedback on any lawyer as well as on CEO Law – and will keep a record of all customer feedback provided.

All of this technology will create better efficiency, visibility and transparency for our customers. We believe our portal is the first of its kind anywhere – and we’re proud to be leading the way with legal innovation to make legal solutions more satisfying for CEO Law customers!

– Steve Monk, CEO and Founder

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