Why did you start CEO Law?

I started CEO Law out of a belief that legal solutions should be more satisfying – for customers and for lawyers.

From first-hand experience both as a Bay Street lawyer, and as an executive who dealt with BigLaw as a customer, I believe that traditional law is broken.

CEO Law is built on a simple idea intended to be the fix.

Customers deserve a great lawyer, at a fair price, delivering solutions in a responsive, connected way.

I’m proud of the CEO Law legal team – all senior, best-of-breed lawyers, generally with a combination of BigLaw training and pedigree, and in-house experience – so they know how businesses really operate.

I’m confident our lawyers are as good as any you’ll find anywhere in the world.

I’m also proud of how we’re using technology to create a more efficient, responsive and connected experience for our customers. And we deliver this revolutionary solution at prices as low as $100 per hour and never more than $250. Along the way, we focus on happy clients and happy lawyers.

CEO Law. Our name says it all – an acronym for Customers, Employees, Owners – it means we’re committed to happy Customers, Employees, and Owners, in that order!

– Steve Monk, CEO and Founder

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