Employment contract overview

Employment contracts are important to both parties, as it sets clear guidelines and expectations. Most employment contracts are written to favor the employer, so it is important for the employee to ensure they understand what they are agreeing to. In many cases, they will request changes and some negotiations will take place. Getting a lawyer […]

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vaccine policies

Vaccine policies are a hot topic these days. Vaccines are the path to increased normalcy – both in our personal/social lives and at work. It’s potentially a controversial topic and one that is rife with confusion.  In a minute, we will explore the issue of mandatory vaccine policies for employees. Let’s start with a quick […]

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Pandemic Update: A Couple Months In

It has been a couple months and we are still navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. While many of the initial issues have been addressed, we are still seeing some lingering concerns that are impacting businesses. We know that management teams and HR personnel are busier than ever. We sympathize with everyone struggling personally or professionally as […]

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COVID-19: Options for Employers

Employers across Canada are having to cope with one of the greatest, and most uncertain, crises of our time. The COVID-19 pandemic has required businesses to rapidly adapt to new challenges that were unthinkable even a few short weeks ago. What can businesses experiencing work shortages do to ensure they maintain their workforce and come […]

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Protecting Your Workplace and Employees

Protecting your Workplace and Employees: 2019 Novel Coronavirus With over 17,000 confirmed cases worldwide and 4 confirmed cases in Canada, the recent outbreak of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus has sparked concerns of a worldwide pandemic. Although Health Canada has stated that the risk posed by the coronavirus to Canadians is low, they have also advised […]

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