What is an ALSP?

ALSP Refresher! It’s been a while since we covered the basics on Alternative Legal Service Providers (ALSPs). So today we will take just a few minutes to cover the key points. The cost of hiring traditional law firms for companies of all sizes –  particularly start-ups –  is cost prohibitive.  Rates of $500+ per hour […]

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Planning For A Recession

If you don’t have a plan in place for a potential recession, now is the time to focus on getting one in place. Scrambling at the last minute is not ideal for you or your business. Get a jump on things by being proactive. We are seeing layoffs in the tech sector, from big companies. […]

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How-To Guide for Legal Departments

3 Ways In-House Legal Departments Can Benefit from a Shifting Landscape Increasingly technology and alternative low-overhead, high efficiency business models are exposing traditional approaches to business that not so long ago were expected to stand the test of time.  Times are changing and the legal industry is no exception. Alternative Legal Service Providers (ALSPs) have […]

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