Holiday Message from CEO Law

As we head into the holidays, Covid case numbers are increasing, people are scrambling to make appointments for a booster shot, and there is a lot of concern about what the coming weeks will hold. Holiday plans may be changing for some. It’s not where any of us want to be, after the low case numbers we were at not so long ago.

It occurs to me that we have had many opportunities to adapt and pivot throughout this pandemic. While we all wish the pandemic hadn’t wreaked havoc on businesses and families, as with most things in life, there have been some silver linings.

People have learned to adapt on the fly a little more. People and companies are discovering new ways of doing things. More awareness is being brought to mental health, employee satisfaction and workplace culture.

People are feeling more empowered to question and make changes in their career and life. Families have had more time together. New interests and skills have been discovered and honed.

To end this year, we want to share a message of peace and healing for all those who have lost a loved one during the pandemic.

We wish you a very happy, healthy and safe holiday season.

Our plan is to continue to focus on the positive, comply with all necessary guidelines to keep ourselves and our communities safe and to plan for a strong 2022.

During times when businesses are struggling, overwhelmed with questions and facing uncertainty, we want to be a resource you can rely on for legal and HR issues related to the pandemic. We will continue to share informative and educational content. We will be here if you need legal services.

We wish you blessings and joy through the holiday season and beyond.

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