What Drives You?

I’ve thought long and hard about this question.  The answer is slightly different for everyone.   At our core, most of us want important essentials like financial security, career progression, and a work-life balance that lets us enjoy life outside of the office.  But are those the things that really drive us to do what we do? For me, those are all important, but they aren’t the reason I get up and go to work everyday.

At my core, the thing that drives me most is having the ability to make people happy.   Whether it is friends, family, colleagues or the clients we serve, knowing that what I do positivity impacts a person’s life means more to me than anything else.

From day one of my career, which started in Product Management, I’ve been obsessed with understanding customers and their underlying needs so that I could have an impact on that factors that make them satisfied.   I joined CEO Law because I believed we would have a real impact on an industry that, far too often, delivers underwhelming experiences and overall dissatisfaction.

In an effort to track the level of satisfaction and happiness derived from CEO Law’s services, we’ve implemented Net Promoter Score (NPS) which asks our clients one simple question; on a scale of 1-10, would you recommend CEO Law to a friend or a colleague?

We are proud to announce that our current NPS is +50.  For the purposes of comparison, the legal industry average in North America is +19.   The feedback has been not only overwhelmingly positive, but also humbling and motivating for our company and the employees delivering our service.

One client told us that our service and affordability removed the fear they previously had about legal services.  It feels good to know that we’ve been able to make legal services more accessible to group of small businesses who might otherwise avoid addressing the issues altogether.

While I’m excited by the results and happy to know that we have been able to satisfy an unmet need and add value to our clients, I know our work doesn’t stop here.  I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow with the opportunity to continue to improve and work with our customers to deliver an even better, happier experience.

– Matt Belbeck, CMO

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